Book Collection

A good friend and colleague of mine, Michael H. Pruett, recently passed away. Mike, a Vietnam vet who served with the 1-5 Infantry, collaborated with me on five different titles. His wife, Cathy, asked that I help her in liquidating the portion of his estate that dealt with militaria, models, references, photos and books.

For those who are interested, here are some photos of the stacks and stacks of books and magazines Mike left behind. If you see something of interest, please get in touch and perhaps we can strike a deal. As soon as finish with his models, militaria and original WW2 photos, I will start to list these on eBay.

German titles (mostly unit histories)


(Mostly) Softcovers (titles primarily dealing with WW2-era vehicles, but also a lot of magazines such as AFV News, After the Battle, Militaria (both French and English editions etc)

Hardcovers (in the main, WW2)

Militaria (Mostly uniform studies, with a lot of OOP titles)

Mike in Vietnam


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