June/July Armorgator Meeting

The June/July meeting was well attended with 9 chapter members present.

Chapter poker chips were distributed and appeared to be well received.

The first chapter contest (open to the public) was then discussed.


  • The contest will use AMPS rules and categories. All categories will be open with the exception of the “Masters” category, since there are no AMPS-certified “Masters” within the chapter or the local area.
  • On-line contest registration will be available via the chapter website and its Facebook page. Bob Edwards will be responsible for updating the site and FB in that regard.
  • In addition to the individual category awards, there will be a “Best of Show” award (TBD). Criteria and award for “Best of Show” TBD.
  • Per AMPS rules, a person may enter multiple times in any given category, however, only the highest scored entry is eligible for an award. There is no limit to the number of categories a participant may enter. Skill levels will be same as AMPS.
  • Participants will be charged a base rate of $10 for up to three entries (aggregate). There will be an additional $1 an entry charge beyond the initial three (e.g., someone enter 7 models for a total of $14.)
  • Awards will be custom poker chips as shown at the meeting. Bob Edwards will fund the purchase for later reimbursement. Dog tags will also be considered at a future date. The order for the chips consists of 100 “bronze,” 100 “silver” and 100 “gold chips.
  • Advertising will be by chapter website, the chapter Facebook page, distribution of flyers at regional shows (via chapter members), signage at John’s Models, word-of-mouth and presentations at other local modeling clubs. Flayers to be designed by Bob Edwards, after electronic review by chapter members (via emails and Facebook).
  • Contest will be held the same Saturday as the annual IPMS “Modeleer” swap meet on 13 November. Entry cut-off is 11 AM. Contest results will be announced at 3 PM, with participants who have to leave early having the option of picking up packets beforehand. John will make the hobby shop available the evening (from 5 until at least 7:30 PM)before the contest to pre-register any individual. He is also providing tables and chairs for use either inside or outside (depending on weather conditions). Chapter members agreed to also bring folding tables and chairs with them, if it appears advance interest warrants.
  • Traditional judging methods may have to be modified to accommodate availability of judges, who may also be vendors. Most chapter members indicated they would participate and also be willing to help out in whatever capacity needed.
  • Ed Daniels, who has run several contests in the past in the Mobile area, will be asked for input for the running of the contest. Ed was not available for the meeting, due to illness.

Following the lengthy discussion of the contest, a discussion was held concerning track tips and techniques and members showed some of their most recent work.

John highlighted new items of interest.

With that, the meeting adjourned around 2:45PM.

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