Holding Pattern

For GH:

MB893: Nuts & Bolts 25: Flakpanzer IV. $40.

MB895: Nuts & Bolts 27: 2cm Flakvierling 38. $40

MP823: German Army Order of Battle. October 1942. Reprint of Military Intelligence Service publication. SC. No date/edition. $2. ABE

MP492: Panzer Commander. The Memoirs of Colonel Hans von Luck. von Luck. HC. 1st edition. 1989. A bit more expensive, because signed by von Luck. $25 Amazon ABE

For GD:

MP826: World War I Infantry in Colour Photographs. Mirouze. SC. 1st edition? 1990. $4. Amazon eBay ABE

MP827: Landships. British Tanks in the First World War. Fletcher. SC. 1st edition. 1984. $8. Amazon eBay ABE

MP834: The World War II GI. US Army Uniforms. 1941-1945. In Color Photographs. Windrow. 1st edition. 1993. $15. Amazon eBay ABE

MP640: Tropical Uniforms of the German Army and Air Force in WWII. Figueroa. SC. 1st edition. 1993. Signed by author. $5. Amazon  ABE

MP641: Tropical Headgear of the German Wehrmacht in WWII. Volume 2. Figueroa. SC. 1st edition. 1996. $15. Amazon eBay ABE

MP752: German Soldiers of World War Two. De LaGarde. 1st English edition? 1994. $8. Amazon eBay ABE

MP859: Model Art: German Self-Propelled Guns in World War II. SC. Date unknown. Japanese Text. Usual mix of kits, profiles and period photos, many of which I am not familiar with. $5