Vehicle Monographs

MP665: Kräder der Wehrmacht. Hinrichsen. HC. 1st edition. 1993. German text. $15 Amazon ABE

MP666: Volkswagen. Militärfahrzeuge. 1938-1948. Mayer-Stein. HC. 1st edition. 1983. German text. $5. Amazon ABE

MP659: Panzerkampfwagen I & II. German Light Tanks. 1935-1945. Grove. SC. 1st edition. 1979. $5. Amazon ABE

MP660: Tiger Tanks. Green. SC. 1st edition. 1995. $3. Amazon ABE

MP661: German Combat Tanks in WWII. Hobby Japan. SC. 1st edition? Date unknown. $5. Typical Japanese photo books: Lots of images with many having been seen before, but also a lot of new (to me) photos. Cannot find on Amazon, eBay or ABE.

MP662: Standard Guide to US World War II Tanks & Artillery. Schreier. SC. 1st edition. 1994. $3. Amazon eBay ABE

MP663: Catalog of American Army Vehicles of World War II. World War II-era reprint of government publication. SC. Date unknown. $15. Amazon ABE

MP664: 88. FlaK & PaK. Chamberlain. SC. 1st edition. 1976. $5. Amazon eBay ABE

MP594: Stuart. A History of the American Light Tank. Hunnicutt, 1st edition. 1992. Lots of reprints out there, but this is the 1st edition with the best photo resolution (reprints were based on scans of original editions. Hunnicutt lost all of his prints in a house fire.) $100. Amazon  ABE

MP395: Panther in Detail. Culver & Feist. HC. 1st edition? 1998. $60. ABE Amazon eBay

MP396: Tiger I and Sturmtiger in Detail. Culver and Feist. HC. 1st edition. 1994. $40. Amazon ABE eBay

MP397: Tiger I. 50th Anniversary Collectors’ Edition. Feist and Culver. HC. 1992. $40. ABE Amazon

MP398: Sturmgeschütz. Feist and Fleischer. HC. 1st edition? 2000. $60. ABE Amazon

MP399: Panther. 50th Anniversary Collectors’ Edition. Feist and Culver. HC.1995. $50. Cannot find on ABE, Amazon or eBay

MP400: Germany’s Panther Tank. The Quest for Combat Supremacy. Jentz. HC. 1st edition. 1995. $20. ABE Amazon  eBay

MP401: German Armoured Cars of World War Two. Milsom and Chamberlain. HC. 1st edition. 1974. $3. ABE Amazon eBay

MP434: Jagdtiger. The Most Powerful Armoured Fighting Vehicle of World War II. Operational History. Volume 2. Devey. HC. 1st edition. 1999. $20 Amazon eBay ABE

MP433: Russian Tanks and Armored Vehicles. 1917-1945. Fleischer. HC. 1st edition. 1999. $15. ABE Amazon

MP479: Die Halbkettenfahrzeuge des deuschen Heeres. 1909-1945. Volume 6. Spielberger. HC. 1st edition. 1976. German text. $15 Amazon eBay ABE

MP480: Schwere Jagdpanzer. Entwicklung. Fertigung. Einsatz. Spielberger. HC. 2nd edition. 1996. German text. $15  eBay ABE

MP483: Czechoslovak Armored Fighting Vehicles. 1918-1948. Kliment. HC. 1st edition. 1997. $30 Amazon  ABE

MP522: Artillery. Batchelor. HC. Book-club edition. 1972. $3 Amazon eBay ABE

MP523: Germany’s Tiger Tanks. Tiger I & II: Combat Tactics. Jentz. HC. 1st edition. 1997. $10 Amazon eBay ABE