WW2 History

General studies of World War II or subjects that don’t readily fall into other categories.

MP653: Grenadiere. Generale. Kameraden. Kurowski. HC. German text. This was the basis for the English translation, Panzergrenadier Aces, that I did for Stackpole. $5. Amazon ABE

MP654: Die Heeresgruppe Mitte. 1942/1943. Kurowski. HC. German text. 1st edition? 1989. $15. Amazon  ABE

MP655: Sturmartillerie. Tornau/Kurowski. HC. German text. This book formed the basis for the English language title of the same name by Fedorowicz. 1st edition? 1965. $25. Amazon ABE

MP656: Panzer vor! Die dramatische Geschichte der Panzerwaffe und ihrer tapferen Soldaten. Alman. 1st edition. 1974. This book, authored under Kurowski’s pseudonym, Karl Alman, formed the basis for the successful series of Panzer Aces books by Fedorowicz and Stackpole. German text. $12 Amazon  ABE

MP657: Das Ende zwischen Oder und Elbe. Der Kampf um Berlin. 1945. Tieke. 4th edition. 1995. An English edition exists under the Fedorowicz imprint. German text. $15. Amazon ABE

MP593: Victory in Europe. D-Day to VE Day in Fill Color. Hastings. 1st edition. 1985. $3. Amazon eBay ABE

MP595: Nuts! The Battle of the Bulge. The Story and Photographs. Goldstein. 1st edition. 1994. $3. Amazon eBay ABE

MP596: D-Day. Normandy. The Story and Photographs. Goldstein et al. 1st edition? 1994. $xx. Amazon  ABE

MP597: Freineux and LaMormenil. The Ardennes. Winter. 1st edition. 1994. $20. Amazon  ABE

MP598: Manhay. The Ardennes. Christmas 1944. Winter. 1st edition. 1990. $50. Cannot find on Amazon, eBay or ABE. This was one of the very first JJ Fedorowicz publications.

MP608: Breakout at Normandy. Bando. SC. 1st edition. 1999. $25. There is a cheaper reprint available. Amazon  ABE

MP547: D-Day Plus Fifty Years. Rasmussen. 1st edition. 1994. $4. Amazon  ABE

MP549: Nazi Prisoners of War in America. Krammer. 2nd Printing. 1983. $5 Amazon eBay ABE

MP550: Dying, We Live. The Personal Chronicle of a Young Freedom Fighter in Warsaw. 1939-1945. Kulski. 1st edition. 1979. $4 Amazon  ABE

MP557: Panzertaktik. German Small-Unit Armor Tactics. Schneider. 2000. 1st edition. $25. Amazon  ABE

MP334: Cobra. La Bataille Decisive. Bernage. French text. 1st edition. 1984. $15 Amazon ABE

MP371: Ostfront. 1944. Buchner. German text. 1st edition? 1988. $10. There is an English edition of this book (Schiffer). ABE

MP404: To the Bitter End. The Final Battles of Army Group North Ukraine, A, and Center. Eastern Front. 1944-1945. Hinze. SC. 1st English edition. Year unknown. $2. ABE Amazon

MP341: Panzertruppen. Lannoy. French/English text. 1st edition. 2001. $5.  ABE Amazon

MP429: US Army Photo Album. Shooting the War in Color. Gawne. HC. 1st edition. 1996. $5. ABE Amazon eBay

MP394: Wenn alle Brüder schweigen. HIAG. HC. German/English text. 6th edition. 1973. $40. Amazon ABE eBay

MP440: Hell’s Gate. The Battle of the Cherkassy Pocket. January-February 1944. Nash. HC. 1st edition. 2002. $50 Amazon eBay ABE

MP434: The Cavalry of World War II. Piekalkiewicz. HC. 1st edition? 1980. $3 Amazon eBay ABE

MP476: German Tanks of World War Two in Action. Forty. HC. 1st edition? 1987. $5 Amazon eBay ABE

MP484: In a Raging Inferno. Combat Units of the Hitler Youth. 1944-1945. Holzträger. HC. 1st edition. 2000. $20 Amazon eBay ABE

MP485: Sturmartillerie. Die dramatische Geschichte einer Waffengattung. Kurowski. HC. 1st edition. 1977. German text. $10. Amazon  ABE

MP488. The Kampf of the Waffen-SS. Yoshifumi. HC. 1st edition? 2009. Some interesting photos, which I have never seen before. Japanese Text. $10 Not on Amazon, eBay or ABE

MP490. Veteran’s Diary of World War II. France & Germany. 1944-1945. McKee. SC. 1st edition. 1985. Selection of photos taken by 3rd Army photographer Millard McKee. Some interest8ng shots, although a lot of relatively gruesome ones. $2 Not on Amazon, eBay or ABE

MP496: The Battle of the Ruhr Pocket. Kessler. HC. 1st edition? 1989. $1 Amazon  ABE

MP499: The Bloody Battle for Tilly. Normandy 1944. Tout. HC. 1st edition. 2000. $4 Amazon  ABE

MP501: Caen. Anvil of Victory. McKee. HC. 1st edition? 1964. $3 Amazon  ABE

MP528: Hitler Youth. The Hitlerjugend in War and Peace. 1933-1945. Lewis. HC. 1st edition. 2000. $3 Amazon eBay ABE

MP534: Sturmgeschütze vor! Assault Guns to the Front! Kurowski. HC. 1st edition. 1999. $20 Amazon eBay ABE

MP536: A Fine Night For Tanks. The Road to Falaise. Tout. HC. Reprint. 1988. $4 Amazon eBay ABE

MP531: The Decline and Fall of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Dollinger. HC. 1st English edition. 1977. $3 Amazon  ABE

MP532: Entering Germany. 1944-1949. Vaccaro. HC. 1st edition? Year? English/French/German text. $5 Amazon eBay ABE

MP539: Hitler’s Last Bastion. The Final Battles for the Reich. 1944-1945. Kurowski. HC. 1st English edition. 1998. $10. Amazon  ABE

MP541: Other Losses. The Shocking Truth Behind the Mass Deaths of Disarmed German Soldiers and Civilians Under Eisenhower’s Command. Bacque. HC. Reprint. 1991. $1 Amazon eBay ABE

MP545: Battle: The Story of the Bulge. Toland. HC. 1st edition? 1959. $3  eBay ABE