Reference titles, primarily concerned with orders of battle, branches of the service, tactical markings etc…

MP482: Handbook on German Military Forces. TM-E 30-451. 15 March 1945. SC. No idea whether this is an original or a reprint. The cover suggest the reprint, but the interior has nothing by the original publication markings from the US Government Printing Office. $10 Amazon eBay ABE

MP478: Die Wehrmacht. Feist. HC. 1st edition. 2000. HC. $50 Amazon eBay ABE

MP481: Second World War. Combat Weapons. German. Volume 1. Hoffschmidt. HC. 1st edition. 1968. $5 Amazon  ABE

MP497: German Military Dictionary. Reprint of War Department manual of 1944 by Lancer Militaria. SC. $5 Amazon  ABE

MP529: German World War II Organizational Series. Volume 4/I: Mechanized Army Divisions (28 June 1942). Niehorster. SC. 1st edition. 1994. $15 Amazon  ABE

MP537: The Fighting Tanks. From 1916 to 1933. Jones. HC. Reprint. 1969. $8 Amazon ABE

MP599: World War II Order of Battle. Stanton. Reprint? 1991. $5. Check out some of the crazy prices on Amazon! Amazon eBay ABE

MP337: Dictionaire Historique. La Luftwaffe. La Waffen-SS. Bernage. 1st edition? 1998. French text. $100 Amazon ABE

MP390: Kradschützen. Die Geschichte der schnellsten Truppe des Heeres. Erb. HC. German text. 1st edition. 1981. $10. ABE Amazon

MP393: Panzerjäger und Sturmgeschütze. Scheibert. HC. German/English text. 1st edition. Year unknown. $8. Amazon ABE

MP302: Verbände und Truppen der Deutschen Wehrmacht und Waffen-SS. Band 15 (Kriegsstärkenachweisungen, Taktische Zeichen, Traditionspflege). Tessin. German Text. 1st edition. 1988. $30. Amazon ABE