US Unit Histories

US unit histories. primarily reprints of early post-war “yearbook”-style unit histories, but also modern texts as well…

MP558: Hellcats. Volume II. 12th Armored Division Association. Turner reprint. 1990. $45. Amazon eBay ABE

MP530: Camp Bowie. Fort Worth. 1917-1918. An Illustrated History of the 36th Division in World War I. Jary. HC, 1st edition, 1975. $25. Someone on ABE has this listed for $750.  Amazon eBay ABE

MP548: The Fighting 36th. A Pictorial History. The Texas Division in Combat. Huff. Reprint. $36 Amazon  ABE

MP546: 10th Armored “Tiger” Division. Hatch. Turner reprint. 1988. $10. Cannot find a price on Amazon, eBay or ABE.

MP551: The Lucky Seventh. Volume II. Vets’ Association. 1st edition. 1987. $20. There is a trade paperback version that sells for more than this.  Amazon  ABE

MP552: 11th Armored Division. Thunderbolts. Reprint. 1988. $25.  ABE

MP553: 11th Armored Division. Thunderbolts. Volume II. 50th Anniversary. Turner reprint. 1992. $40  eBay

MP554: The Legacy of the 4th Armored Division.Turner reprint. 1990. $100 Amazon  ABE

MP555: Third Armored Division. Spearhead in the West. Turner Reprint (Yearbook format). 1991. $25. Amazon eBay

MP556: Second Armored Division. History. Turner Reprint. 1991. $25. ABE

MP524: “Old Hickory” 30th Infantry Division. HC. Reprint. 1990. $50. Check out the crazy ABE and Amazon prices! Amazon eBay ABE

MP525: Thirty-Fourth Infantry Division. HC. Reprint. 1989. $50 Can’t find anything on Amazon, eBay or ABE.

MP542: The View from the Turret. The 743rd Tank Battalion During World War II. Folkestad. HC. 1st edition. 1996. $20 Amazon  ABE

MP543: The Rock of Anzio. From Sicily to Dachau: A History of the US 45th Infantry Division. Whitlock. Trade PB. 1st edition? 1998. $5 Amazon eBay ABE

MP540: C-66. A World War II Chronicle of an Armored Infantry Company. Emery. 1st edition. 1992. Signed and with a dedication by the author. $15 Amazon  ABE

MP431. 78th Infantry Division. HC. Reprint of WW2-era division history. 1992. $5. Cannot find on ABE, Amazon or eBay.

MP438. The Story of the Century. The 100th Infantry Division in World War II. HC. Reprint. 1979. $40 Amazon eBay ABE

MP439: Seek, Strike, Destroy. The History of the 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion in World War II. Chase. HC. Reprint. 1995. Not sure why Amazon and ABE book sellers are asking so much, unless they think this is the original. $100 Amazon  ABE

MP494: Farthest East. A History of the 71st Division. From the Rocky Mountains to the Central Alps. McMahon. SC. 1st edition. 1986. Apparantly, quite rare. $30 is the cheapest I’ve found for a sold copy. $30 Amazon eBay ABE

MP609: The 101st Airborne. From Holland to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. Bando. SC. 1st edition. 1995. $6. Amazon eBay ABE

MP610: The 101st Airborne at Normandy. Bando. SC. 1st edition. 1994. $3. Amazon eBay ABE

MP436: Tank Destroyer Forces. World War II. Turner. HC. 1st edition. 1992. For some reason,  the book sellers on Amazon want almost $900 for this!? $100 Amazon

MP427. 88th Infantry Division. “Blue Devils”. HC. Reprint of WW2-era division history. 1992. $5. Cannot find on ABE, Amazon or eBay.

MP428. 84th Infantry Division. “Railsplitters”. HC. Reprint of WW2-era division history. 1988. $5. The cheapest on Amazon is $89, but the book sellers probably believe they have an original. Amazon