The Armorgators

Don’t be left in the dust…join the “Armorgators”!

Welcome to the newest chapter of AMPS–the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society–which hopes to serve the armor-modeling needs of those in the panhandle of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.

We take our name from our love of armor and the indigenous reptile that inhabits the coastal areas and marshlands of our stomping grounds, the alligator. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Alligator LVT was also a Florida product.)

At present, we are recruiting members for our chapter. We are still organizing and deciding how to structure our group.

Meetings are currently set for 1:30 PM the third Saturday of each month at John’s Models in Cantonment FL (1206 E Kingsfield Rd, Cantonment, FL 32533). Dues are $10 a year for the chapter, but all are welcome to drop by and check us out before deciding whether to be a member. Each paid member gets a membership challenge coin (poker chip). Membership in AMPS is voluntary.

So far, the main pages we have are:

If you wish to get on our mailing list, please contact us using the form below.

You can also follow us on FaceBook: Facebook Armorgators

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