AMPS Atlanta Show – 2022

Despite the cold weather and the Wuhan Red Death, the AMPS Atlanta show was a great success this year with more than 40 participants and nearly 100 models entered. There was some awesome artistry on display, with the added treat of seeing some of the outstanding work of the Atlanta Figure Society. There were also ample opportunities to spend major cash in the vendor room!

Here are some of the entries, by category. The photo at the top of the page won best os show for the engineer vehicle theme.

Some of the great work to be seen from the Atlanta Figure Society.

Figures entered under the aegis of AMPS.

Diorama entries.

Display only entries.

Entries in the “Masters” category.

The “Open Top” category. Look familiar to anyone?


Post WW2.

Scratchbuilt. The only thing used from the original Italeri kit was the hull and the turret.

Vignettes. One of these looks suspiciously familiar!

Wheeled Vehicles.

WW2 Allied

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