Modelpalooza 2019

Modelpalooza 2019 has come and gone, but here are some images of the show and its armor entries. The combined IPMS/AMPS show had about 125 purely armor entries (jusdeg entirely under AMPS guidelines), with a smattering of armor entered into the other categories (e.g., vignettes and figures), which were judged by the IPMS Orlando standards.

This year’s show was held from October 18-20 in Kissimmee. The venue at the WorldGate Hotel and Conference Center was well-lit and spacious, with ample room for all contest entries and vendors. I can’t speak to the accommodations, since I stayed off-site, but everything appeared nice on the property, which was conveniently located in Kissimmee.

Several judges were certified and a number of nice raffle items were present for those who participated in the judging. Hats off to Ed Ingersoll and crew for an outstandingly well organized and functioning event. My only grips would be that all of the armor entries should be judged under AMPS criteria and that the armor categories be expanded to include all AMPS categories (as opposed to only five rather arbitrary categories as allowed by IPMS Orlando.)

Here, in no particular order are some images…