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A page where you can, well, meet our members.

For those who are Facebook-challenged or just aren’t into the whole social media thing, this is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the armor modeling community and find other who share common interests. Don’t be shy!



Bob Edwards

Bob is the POC for the chapter to the national organization. He recently started armor modeling again after a hiatus of 40+ years. Now that his vision is abysmal and his hands occasionally need steadying, he has decided to make building models a real challenge.

Only known photograph of Bob, taken when he still had a full head of hair

Bob is retired from the Army, where he served on active duty, in the reserves and with the National Guard. He was an armor officer and spent time playing with M60A1’s and M60A3’s  in Germany with 1-35 Armor (Erlangen) and 1-68 Armor (Wildflecken). He later taught German at West Point. After leaving the Army, he worked for a while as a civilian in Munich, before returning to the US and taking up a full time position with the Nevada Army National Guard where, among other things, he was eventually selected for command of the 221st Cavalry, which he had to decline due to business concerns.

Since 2000, he has been involved with military history publishing, having been a business partner with JJ Fedorowicz Publishing in Canada and, later, a free-lance translator.

His modeling interests coincide with his military history interests: WW2 armor operations, especially concerning armored reconnaissance. He has written two books on the subject of German armored reconnaissance in WW2, among other titles. His stash of models includes virtually every vehicle found in WW2-era German reconnaissance battalions.

He lives in Pace FL with his wife, Mona, and three dogs. His models can be seen here.