Armorgator Armorgeddon – November 2021

Our first model contest was held on 6 November 2021 in conjunction with the annual model swap meet hosted at John’s Models in Cantonment and sponsored by the local IPMS chapter, the Modeleers. In addition to getting our feet wet with a contest open to the public, judge training was also conducted and we were able to certify several members of the chapter and one judge from the Tampa Bay area. A great deal of help was provided by the Armordillos of NE Florida, who assisted in judge training and certification (as well as entering a few models of their own). John’s Models contributed a raffle prize for those who entered and the club treasury was finally able to raise enough money to liquidate its debts.

In all there were more than 10 active participants with more than 40 models entered (Thanks Million-Model Matt!). Pride of place went to Brian Eisenhaur of the chapter, with a nearly perfect 29.5 score for his SPAAG “Marksman”, although he had several people nipping at his heels.

A great time was had by all, and we anticipate doing this again in 2022.

Set-up and judging. The models were generally judged outside due to the cramped quarters at John’s Models. The November weather in NW Florida was perfect and cooperated completely.

A sampling of the models entered.

…and the winner is…

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