Inaugural Meeting

Depending on how you count these things, this was either our first or second meeting. Since we didn’t even have a name for the group, we still may not have ever had an official meeting at all!

Thanks to the efforts of John Struck, the proprietor of John’s Models in Cantonment FL, a group of individuals met in June to discuss the formation of a local AMPS chapter. Ed Ingersoll, the senior AMPS representative of the southern region and member of the North Florida Armordillos, did a long-distance teleconference with PowerPoint presentation discussing the benefits of establishing an AMPS chapter and membership in AMPS.

Needless to say, Ed was convincing (although, truth be told, we didn’t need a lot of convincing!).

We decided to meet again on July 21.

Although attendance was down from the first time, we did see several new faces.

Among the items discussed:

  • Chapter name. Although the meetings are held in the Pensacola area, we had several members from Alabama and, potentially, Mississippi. Therefore we settled on:  The Gulf Coast AMPS — The “Armorgators”.
  • Chapter logo. A logo is still being developed. We are trying tocome up with something that incorporates an “Alligator” LVT and some sort of an armored alligator. John Struck is approaching his niece, an artist, to see whether she might design something for the chapter. See also the following blog for suggestions. Motion was tabled until the next meeting.
  • Organization of the chapter. Most present seemed content to simply have a chapter point of contact (Bob Edwards) to the national organization, the only requirement the national organization imposes. It was suggested that a secretary and/or treasurer might be appropriate, especially if we develop a “kitty”. Motioned was tabled until the next meeting.
  • Raising funds. Dues and raffles were discussed as ideas for raising money. It was accepted that membership dues should be $10 annually to help offset any chapter costs. Additional money-making efforts, e.g., donations and raffled, would be entertained as the chapter develops product (e.g., T-shirts, awards) or sponsors shows.
  • Website. Voila! Here is a first attempt at a chapter website. We could use some content. There is a member info page, for those who decide to participate. It is hosted through WordPress at a cost of $48 a year. The chapter POC is currently fronting the cost, with hopes that the chapter will agree to reimburse at the next meeting!
  • AMPS Atlanta. Images from the AMPS annual show in February 2018 were shown and discussed. These images are now posted on the website.
  • Meeting topics. It was suggested that some sort of modeling tip or technique be discussed or demonstrated at each meeting. John Struck said he would show images from his visit to Duxford in Great Britain; Bob Edwards said he could show images from the AMPS nationals in Dayton OH in May.
  • Parade Ground. John Struck showed new kits he has received and said that anyone who is a dues-paying member of the chapter will get a 10% discount at his shop.

The next meeting was scheduled for August 18 at 1:30 PM.


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