Chapter Logo – Part Two

Since the last post concerning a logo for the chapter, I was able to find some artwork that seemed to fit perfectly with our chapter theme. These come from a very talented industrial designer and self-described “resident lunatic,” Alice Bruderer. I am currently waiting to hear back from her as to whether we can incorporate her artwork into our design, but I submit some possible examples here for consideration. Of course, we could always have a rotating logo…


1 thought on “Chapter Logo – Part Two”

  1. Bob,
    Received your e-mail and I’ve been checking out the site. The artwork by Alice looks fantastic and I personally hope you get her permission to use the U.S. version or her art in our logo…it’s a great design!
    On a side note, at the top left of the page there’s one boo-boo. The subtitle for the chapter name just says “AMP” instead of “AMPS”…minor fix.
    All the best,
    Robert Foster


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