Chapter Update – November 2018

“Everything but the kitchen sink” Update

Hello, fellow Armorgators!

Sorry for the long hiatus in updating the site, but I have been decisively engaged with moving from the wilds of East Milton to the hustle and bustle of Pace. Things have finally calmed down here a bit—the “honey do” list is almost caught up—so I have a few minutes today to bring you up to speed.

  • Modelpalooza: With more than 500 entries, the Orlando IPMS chapter’s Modelpalooza was quite the success. Granted, not all of those entries were at the pinnacle of modeling, that is, armor related, but a goodly number were. AMPS was represented by its southern VP, Ed Ingersoll, and a number of volunteers. He and his crew also provided judging for the armor entries, using an IPMS Orlando variant on AMPS-judging rules. Next year, the armor portion of the show will be run 100% according to AMPS rules, and Ed has already asked for everyone to lean forward in the saddle to anticipate requested for judges, runners, administrators etc.
    In the meantime, I’ve posted some images of assorted armor entries. You can find them here.
  • Annual Modeleer Swap Meet: Because of the Modeleer swap meet being held at John’s Models next Saturday (November 16), there will be no regular meeting of the Armorgators. Instead, I will set up shop in the grassy lot to flog the virtues of being an Armorgator. I will have some items for sale, with the proceeds going to the (currently non-existent) chapter treasury.
    If anyone cares to join me to help impress members into the chapter, he is welcome. Also, if anyone has an item or two they would like to donate to the cause to help raise money for the chapter, that would also be appreciated.
  • December Meeting: The December meeting will revisit the issue of the Atlanta AMPS show in February, as well as the proposed one-day visit to Fort Benning on the preceding Friday. Ed Ingersoll is already pressing for names for attendees to the Fort Benning visit, so please let me know as soon as possible, if you plan on going.
    The theme of the December meeting is everyone’s favorite: Tracks—assembly and weathering, to be specific—and everyone is invited to bring their war stories, horror stories and tips & techniques for show and tell. John has volunteered already, and I can bring some of my favorite cheating methods for assembling individually linked tracks.
  • AMPS Atlanta February Show / Fort Benning Visit: The theme is “Armor in the Hedgerows.” If anyone plans on entering under this theme, please let me know, as I would like to be able to group the chapter entries together for display at the show. (They will still be judged under their respective categories for potential awards, so no worries there.)
    One of the highlights of the Atlanta show is the AMPS-sponsored visit to the Fort Benning armor holdings, which are normally not available for viewing by the general public. If you’ve never had a chance to crawl around on a tank, this is your opportunity. Please let me know ASAP, as Ed needs to get a headcount for the folks in Atlanta.
    Here is a link to the AMPS Atlanta website. Here is the show flyer

Hope this update finds everyone in good health and spirits, and I hope to see everyone at the swap meeting this coming Saturday.

Bob Edwards
Armorgators Chapter AMPS POC


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