Merry Christmas!

MerryChristmas_TankAll the best to the Armorgators and their families for Christmas! We also wish you a happy and healthy New Year for 2019, along with a lot of fun modeling!

The December meeting of the Armorgators was productive. We discussed the upcoming show in Atlanta. Although several members indicated they might go, they still needed to confirm with work and other schedules.

Members were reminded that the Modelpalooza show in Orlando in October 2019 will be needing certified judges and other helpers. Certification will be available at the Atlanta show and the Friday before the Modelpalooza show kicks off.

There was a round-table discussion on track, to include different types of hobby track, methods of construction and techniques and tools for painting and weathering.

There did not appear to be any conflicts for the January meeting, although the topic for the round-table discussion has not been decided. If anyone has any ideas or would like to lead a discussion, please contact me or John.

The February meeting will not be held, due to the Atlanta show.




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