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HobbyTown USA Model Contest – September 2019

Held at the HobbyTown USA affiliate in Mobile AL, the contest featured a large number of Gundam entries, but the armor category was relatively well represented with several dozen kits. Surprisingly, there were few aircraft and no nautical entries.

The Armorgators were well represented by Mike Frisch and your humble correspondent, both of whom won awards. Follow the link for some more images…



Meet Our Members

Members who would like to introduce themselves to the chapter via these pages are invited to do so by submitting material to me for inclusion on the Meet Our Members page.

So far, I’m the only one who has opted to do so. As much as I enjoy reading about myself, I already know most of the plot.

Here’s your chance to gain international fame and notoriety, thanks to the thousands who view these pages daily! 🙂

I recently added my models to the mix to show what options are available: Bob’s Models. If you have any models you’d like to show the chapter, here’s your opportunity.

Take care until the next meeting!

Meeting Reminder – May 2019

Just a quick shout out to the chapter to remind it that the ‘gators are meeting this Saturday at John’s Model at 1:30 PM.

Assuming that the computer gods cooperate, Brian will finally be able to present his overview of air-defense systems.

There are no planned seminar topics, although your humble correspondent wouldn’t mind discussing the use and application of pigments (perhaps a full-blown presentation at a later meeting).

I am currently doing some research on caps and T-shirts for the chapter and hope to have some preliminary findings in time for the meeting.

Finally, winners at the Blue Angels Model Fest are encouraged to bring in some of their trophy magnets—hint, hint Brian—for unfettered adulation. As always, the Parade Ground will be holding a pass-in-review.

See you Saturday!

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Cap Proposal: “Goooolly, Drill Sergeant” Edition

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Cap Proposal: “Just the facts, ma’am” Edition

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T-Shirt Proposal: “Chick Magnet” Edition


Blue Angel Model Fest – 2019

The Pensacola Modeleers sponsored their biennial Blue Angel Model Fest on Saturday, May 4, at the Pensacola State Fairgrounds. The contest followed IPMS conventions, with the armor category being very well represented. There were more than 50 armor-related entries, most of which can be seen at the following link.

The Armorgators were represented by a table in the vendor area and it appears we may have three new chapter members. Several kits were donated by chapter members to help raise money for the treasury. In all, some $76 was raised, which will be used to help offset some previously incurred expenses on the part of the chapter.

Entrance and vendor area
Display area for contest entries
Tanks for the memories!

‘gator Update – April 2019

The Armorgator chapter met on March 16 at John’s Models. Six chapter members were present. Thanks are extended to all, who paid their annual dues into the treasury. With the chapter flush with a whopping $60, it was decided to sponsor a “Best of Show Award” in the armor category for the upcoming Pensacola IPMS “Modeleer” contest to be held May 4. In addition, it was decided to sponsor a vendor table at the contest in an effort to broaden the membership base of the chapter and establish a broader “footprint.”

Members in attendance were reminded that the Modeleers will need help in setting up their contest in May. In addition, anyone who could help manning the Armorgator table would be appreciated. Members were also asked to contribute any kits or hobby materials for potential sale/raffle at the contest.

A seminar was presented on weathering/fading with oils and several models were presented for review and discussion during the “Parade Ground” portion of the meeting. The meeting ended with John discussing new kits and products he has received at the shop since the last meeting.

The next meeting was scheduled for April 20.


‘gator Update – March 2019

Hello ‘gators!

Just back from the Atlanta Show and created a page dedicated to the entries. Click here, if you want to see them. There is also a link to my Dropbox account, where you can download the images en masse.

The March meeting of the chapter will be on the 16th. Hope to be able to see a lot of you there. Here’s a tentative agenda:

  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • Discussion of Atlanta Show (slides)
    • Judge certification process
    • Seminar: Modulation/Weathering with Oils (Hands On — hope to bring some materials so everyone can practice, if they’ve never done this before)
  • Parade Ground
  • New kits

See you on the 16th!

Bob Edwards

Merry Christmas!

MerryChristmas_TankAll the best to the Armorgators and their families for Christmas! We also wish you a happy and healthy New Year for 2019, along with a lot of fun modeling!

The December meeting of the Armorgators was productive. We discussed the upcoming show in Atlanta. Although several members indicated they might go, they still needed to confirm with work and other schedules.

Members were reminded that the Modelpalooza show in Orlando in October 2019 will be needing certified judges and other helpers. Certification will be available at the Atlanta show and the Friday before the Modelpalooza show kicks off.

There was a round-table discussion on track, to include different types of hobby track, methods of construction and techniques and tools for painting and weathering.

There did not appear to be any conflicts for the January meeting, although the topic for the round-table discussion has not been decided. If anyone has any ideas or would like to lead a discussion, please contact me or John.

The February meeting will not be held, due to the Atlanta show.




Chapter Update – November 2018

“Everything but the kitchen sink” Update

Hello, fellow Armorgators!

Sorry for the long hiatus in updating the site, but I have been decisively engaged with moving from the wilds of East Milton to the hustle and bustle of Pace. Things have finally calmed down here a bit—the “honey do” list is almost caught up—so I have a few minutes today to bring you up to speed.

  • Modelpalooza: With more than 500 entries, the Orlando IPMS chapter’s Modelpalooza was quite the success. Granted, not all of those entries were at the pinnacle of modeling, that is, armor related, but a goodly number were. AMPS was represented by its southern VP, Ed Ingersoll, and a number of volunteers. He and his crew also provided judging for the armor entries, using an IPMS Orlando variant on AMPS-judging rules. Next year, the armor portion of the show will be run 100% according to AMPS rules, and Ed has already asked for everyone to lean forward in the saddle to anticipate requested for judges, runners, administrators etc.
    In the meantime, I’ve posted some images of assorted armor entries. You can find them here.
  • Annual Modeleer Swap Meet: Because of the Modeleer swap meet being held at John’s Models next Saturday (November 16), there will be no regular meeting of the Armorgators. Instead, I will set up shop in the grassy lot to flog the virtues of being an Armorgator. I will have some items for sale, with the proceeds going to the (currently non-existent) chapter treasury.
    If anyone cares to join me to help impress members into the chapter, he is welcome. Also, if anyone has an item or two they would like to donate to the cause to help raise money for the chapter, that would also be appreciated.
  • December Meeting: The December meeting will revisit the issue of the Atlanta AMPS show in February, as well as the proposed one-day visit to Fort Benning on the preceding Friday. Ed Ingersoll is already pressing for names for attendees to the Fort Benning visit, so please let me know as soon as possible, if you plan on going.
    The theme of the December meeting is everyone’s favorite: Tracks—assembly and weathering, to be specific—and everyone is invited to bring their war stories, horror stories and tips & techniques for show and tell. John has volunteered already, and I can bring some of my favorite cheating methods for assembling individually linked tracks.
  • AMPS Atlanta February Show / Fort Benning Visit: The theme is “Armor in the Hedgerows.” If anyone plans on entering under this theme, please let me know, as I would like to be able to group the chapter entries together for display at the show. (They will still be judged under their respective categories for potential awards, so no worries there.)
    One of the highlights of the Atlanta show is the AMPS-sponsored visit to the Fort Benning armor holdings, which are normally not available for viewing by the general public. If you’ve never had a chance to crawl around on a tank, this is your opportunity. Please let me know ASAP, as Ed needs to get a headcount for the folks in Atlanta.
    Here is a link to the AMPS Atlanta website. Here is the show flyer

Hope this update finds everyone in good health and spirits, and I hope to see everyone at the swap meeting this coming Saturday.

Bob Edwards
Armorgators Chapter AMPS POC


Round Up the ‘gators!

August Meeting 2018 Agenda

  • Call to Order at 1:30 PM
  • Attendance: Nine members in attendance
  • Old Business
    • Secretary/Treasurer: Membership agreed to create a post of secretary/treasurer. Members requested to consider running for the post by the next meeting.
    • Logo: Logo design for chapter adopted. See image above/below. Requesting final permission from Alice Bruderer/Hydrothrax for permission. Sent to Southern region rep for incorporation into regional promotional material. Membership agreed to provide Bruderer with complimentary materials wherever logo is used (e.g., T-shirts, chapter coins, etc.)
    • Dues: Collection of dues tabled until account can be established. Chapter POC to check on options.
  • New Business
    • Modelpalooza: Orlando, September 14-16. One member definitely going; one tentatively going. In addition, chapter sponsor will be recovering from surgery. Correspondingly, chapter meeting in September to be largely informal affair.
    • Website. Website is up and running. Cost is $48 annually. Membership agreed to reimburse chapter POC for start-up costs, once chapter treasury established.
    • Future meeting topics and chapter projects:
      • Group build (chapter POC will check to see what Atlanta is doing to coincide with its February 2019 show);
      • Modeling demonstrations (Potential topics: Application of Zimmerit; weathering techniques; shading techniques; viewing of local armor)
      • History topics (Chapter POC has volunteered to discuss topics of modeling interest from his books on German armored recon forces))
  • Parade Ground / Pass-in-Review:
    • Duxford slide show (John Struck)
    • AMPS Nationals slide show (Bob Edwards): Tabled due to time constraints.
    • Demo on static grass for vignettes/dioramas (Bob Edwards)
    • Member projects
    • New kits at John’s Models
Membership-approved logo for the Gulf Coast AMPS chapter, the “Armorgators.” Illustration used with kind permission of Alice Bruderer/Hydrothrax. See her web pages for more fantastic designs.